Code and Resources

Links to code and tools developed by the High Mountain Asia Team for assessing and projecting change in the water, ice, snow, hazards, and related phenomena in HMA.



The Ensemble Generalized Analog Regression Downscaling tool En-GARD. En-GARD is a statistical downscaling tool that enables the use of atmospheric circulation information when downscaling climate data.


The Intermediate Complexity Atmospheric Research model ICAR. ICAR is a quasi-dynamical downscaling model that simulates regional changes in climate directly from physical principles at a fraction of the computational cost of a full dynamical downscaling model.

Glacier Evolution


The Python Glacier Evolution Model (PyGEM) is an open-source glacier evolution model coded in Python that models the transient evolution of glaciers.

Glacier Velocity


itslive is a tutorial that demonstrates how to access and work with multi-dimensional remote sensing data using the python package and open source project xarray. This example will use a glacier surface velocity dataset called ITS_LIVE.


itslivetools is a Python package containing utility functions for accessing and working with ITS_LIVE ice velocity data stored in AWS S3 buckets.

Debris Cover


debris_global is code to calculate the debris thickness of debris-covered glaciers globally using remote sensing data.

Energy Balance


sebm is a glacier surface energy and mass balance model.



The Semi-Automatic Landslide Detection (SALaD) is a landslide mapping system which utilizes Object-based Image Analysis and Random Forest to map landslides from optical imagery and a DEM



WRFchem_HMA is WRFchem code development for HMA by including light-absorbing aerosol deposition to CLM/SNICAR snow. WRF version: 3.9.1


GEOSldas implements the Goddard Earth Observing System Land Data Assimilation Fixture with snow data assimilation

Remote Sensing


sentinel1_rtc is a tutorial of Jupyter Notebooks that demonstrates various ways to access, process and work with Sentinel-1 Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Radiometrically Terrain Corrected (RTC) imagery using the python package and open source project xarray as well as a number of other open source software packages.