AGU 2023

List of sessions where HiMAT researchers are presenting at the AGU 2023 Fall Meeting in San Francisco, CA

Session IDTitleDateTime (PST)Presenter(s)Early Career
C11F-1097Glacier Snow Line Variability in Alaska Across Space and TimeMon 11 Dec08:30 - 12:50Lucas ZellerYes
C14C-01Leveraging SAR-derived Glacier Melt Extents to Improve Glacier Projections in High Mountain Asia (HMA) and AlaskaMon 11 Dec16:03 - 16:06Mira Khadka
C21ACryospheric Changes and Their Impact on the High-Mountain Water Cycle II OralTue 12 Dec08:30 - 10:00Enrico ZorzettoNo
C21A-01Scalable satellite data processing methods to understand mountain cryosphere changeTue 12 Dec08:30 - 08:40David SheanNo
C21A-02Creating a Glacio-Hydrologic Disturbance Index for High Mountain AsiaTue 12 Dec08:40 - 08:50Malisse LummusYes
C21A-03Calibration of snow cover using HiMAT products and SAR time series for glacio-hydrological modelling in High Mountain AsiaTue 12 Dec08:50 - 09:00Smriti SrivastavaYes
H21U-1618Decadal changes in daily streamflow across High Mountain AsiaTue 12 Dec08:30 - 12:50Jonathan FloresYes
H21U-1621A multi-model evaluation of water budget closure in High Mountain AsiaTue 12 Dec08:30 - 12:50Sasha McLartyNo
GC21F-0962Landslide mapping and forecasting system for the Karnali River Basin, NepalTue 12 Dec08:30 - 12:50Pukar AmatyaNo
GC21K-1070How uncertain are BC emissions in High Mountain Asia? An inverse modeling approachTue 12 Dec08:30 - 12:50Chayan Roychoudhury
H21T-1613Future of Multiday Monsoon Precipitation Extremes: A Case Study over Southern PakistanTue 12 Dec08:30 - 12:50Ishrat DollanYes
C22BObservations and Models of Glacier Change IV OralTue 12 Dec10:20 - 11:50Bruce RaupNo
EP23D-1974Mapping the Proximal Hazard of Glacial Lake Outburst Floods across High Mountain AsiaTue 12 Dec14:10 - 18:30Jonathan Jacquet
Poster Hall A-C South Pod 5NASA HiMAT “Office Hours”Tue 12 Dec15:00-16:00Summer Rupper, Albert Wu
ED33B-0947GeoGradApp Workshop- Initial Findings of An Intervention Designed to Create a More Transparent Graduate School Application ProcessWed 13 Dec14:10 - 18:30Malisse LummusYes
NH33B-04Mapping Glacial Lake Outburst Flood Hazard Through Time and Space in High Mountain AsiaWed 13 Dec14:46 - 14:52Scott McCoyNo
GC41M-1286Effect of glaciers on orographic and synoptic-scale atmospheric circulationsThu 14 Dec08:30 - 12:50Husile Bai
H42E-01Comparison of Deep Learning Models to Simulate Streamflow in High Mountain Regions: The Role of Training Data Heterogeneity and Sample Size for Transfer LearningThu 14 Dec10:20 - 10:30Meelisha MaharjanYes
H43L-2239Connecting Rivers in the Proglacial Zone of High Mountain AsiaThu 14 Dec14:10 - 18:30Wenwen TangYes
C51AAir Pollution, Microalgae, and Their Impacts on the Cryosphere I OralFri 15 Dec08:30 - 10:00Cenlin HeYes
C51C-0957MATCHA, Model for Atmospheric Transport and Chemistry in Asia: A novel regional climate-chemical reanalysisFri 15 Dec08:30 - 12:50Chayan Roychoudhury
C51C-0963Long-term trend and variability of black carbon source and transport to the High Mountain AsiaFri 15 Dec08:30 - 12:50Cenlin HeYes
C51C-0969Validation of an Atmospheric/Chemistry Reanalysis Dataset with MODIS Snow Products over High Mountain AsiaFri 15 Dec08:30 - 12:50Will ChengNo
Online Poster SessionOn the Importance and Confidence on Downscaled Climate Model Outputs for Hydrological Analysis in High Mountain AsiaTue 23 Jan 202408:00 - 09:30Anju Vijayan NairYes