AGU 2022

List of sessions where HiMAT researchers are presenting at the AGU 2022 Fall Meeting in Chicago, IL

Session IDTitleDateTime (CST)Presenter(s)Early Career
C15B-06The Python Glacier Evolution Model (PyGEM): an overview of the latest developments, applications, and future directionsMon 12 Dec15:35 - 15:45David RounceNo
C22CCryospheric Changes and Their Impact on the High-Mountain Water Cycle II OralTue 13 Dec09:00 - 10:30David Rounce, Summer RupperNo
C22C-06Quantifying all the snow and ice melt across High Mountain AsiaTue 13 Dec09:50 - 10:00Ned BairNo
C22F-0816Tracing the sources of black carbon deposition over the glaciers in High Mountain Asia: A tagged-tracer approach using WRF-ChemTue 13 Dec09:00 - 12:30Chayan RoychoudhuryYes
U23D-01A Retrospective Outlook of Heavy Downpours over PakistanTue 13 Dec11:00 - 11:12Ishrat Jahan DollanYes
U23D-03Hydroclimatic Risk in High Mountain Asia: a Novel Assessment of ImpactsTue 13 Dec11:24 - 11:36Mariam KhanamYes
TH25JSERVIR’s Approach to Integrating Open-Source Science into Co-development of Earth Observations-Based Services for Climate AdaptationTue 13 Dec18:30 - 19:30Ashutosh Limaye, Nancy SearbyNo
C25D-0839Impact of Climate Change on Streamflow Magnitude and Characteristics in High Mountain AsiaTue 13 Dec14:45 - 18:15Anju Vijayan NairYes
GC35J-0806Future Changes on Hydrological Extremes in High Mountain AsiaWed 14 Dec14:45 - 18:15Diogo AraujoYes
H35M-1293Characterizing Precipitation Patterns Over High Mountain Asia Using an Ensemble ProductWed 14 Dec14:45 - 18:15Ishrat DollanYes
GC36E-02Disentangling the impacts of anthropogenic activities and changing climate on land surface processes in High Mountain Asia (Invited)Wed 14 Dec17:00 - 17:10Fadji MainaYes
C36A-03Calving Rate vs Iceberg Drift Rate: Disentangling Iceberg Distributions in Greenland FjordsWed 14 Dec17:05 - 17:15Leigh StearnsNo
H36E-07The Particle Batch Smoother as a Downscaling Technique over Complex Mountainous Environments: A Synthetic Snow Data Assimilation ExperimentWed 14 Dec17:45 - 17:55Claire BachandYes
C42E-1076Modeling Ground Temperature with Thermal Conductivities based on Soil Classification and Moisture in High Mountain AsiaThu 15 Dec09:00 - 12:30Robin KimYes
IN43A-02Landslide susceptibility and runout assessment for the Arun hydropower cascade in Nepal based on multitemporal landslide inventory developed using Planet imageryThu 15 Dec11:10 - 11:20Pukar Man AmatyaYes
Poster Hall -
Pod 3
NASA HiMAT “Office Hours”Thu 15 Dec15:00 - 17:00Summer Rupper, Albert WuNo
H45P-1591Rain-on-snow events over High Mountain Asia (Invited)Thu 15 Dec14:45 - 18:15Fadji MainaYes
IN45B-0358Assessing the flow variability of headwater streams in High Mountain Asia using satellite remote sensingThu 15 Dec14:45 - 18:15Jonathan FloresYes
C52E-0393Assessing changes in glacial lakes in Hindu Kush Himalayan region from 1975 to 2018Fri 16 Dec09:00 - 12:30Daniel McGrathNo
C52E-0400Supraglacial lakes on debris-covered glaciers: high resolution observations of subseasonal lake expansion, drainage, and the controlling processesFri 16 Dec09:00 - 12:30Lucas ZellerYes
C53B-01High resolution estimates of surface mass loss over debris-covered glaciers in High-Mountain Asia from VHR stereo satellite imageryFri 16 Dec11:00 - 11:10Shashank BhushanYes